in a breath your body speaks its health

Disease, exercise, diet, general health and wellness all influence the activity of the body’s metabolic pathways. Direct analysis of these metabolic pathways by measurement of the unique small molecule metabolites produced enables assessment of personal health. These unique small molecule metabolites appear in alveolar blood, partition in the lung into the gas phase and in turn are present in exhaled breath producing a metabolic signature in exhaled breath.

Metabolomx’s novel sensor technology has demonstrated the ability to distinguish disease and other health indications from exhaled breath. Using the Metabolomx technology the Cleveland Clinic has published two studies showing high accuracy detection of lung cancer from breath – indicating the ability to distinguish unique cell metabolism and Stanford University has published multiple studies showing the ability of the sensor to identify the species of bacteria – indicating the ability to identify infection.

The novel, proprietary, high dimensional sensor array system detects low (part per billion) concentrations of small volatile molecules in very complex mixtures.  The high dimensional printed array has distinct chemical reactivity with volatiles in breath and changes color differently upon exposure to different breath biomarkers. The sensor is smaller than a postage stamp, inexpensive and is easily produced in high volume.

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