Our vision



Biochemical changes that occur in the diabetic state are reflected in changes in the profile of volatile biomarkers in exhaled breath. Today dogs are sometimes provided to diabetic patients who have trouble recognizing symptoms of insulin swings. These trained dogs have been shown effective recognizing hypoglycaemic episodes by scent, as blood glucose or other biochemical changes occur. Our vision includes a simple, easy (no finger prick) breath monitor for diabetes patients to alert and indicate the need for a glucose test

Lung Cancer

Early non-invasive detection of lung cancer, the leading cause of cancer-related death has tremendous societal and financial value. Lung cancer cells generate and out-gas unique volatiles that exit the body through breath, providing an olfactory signature.  Metabolomx is developing a breath analysis system that enables a completely non-invasive, low cost diagnosis of lung cancer. Using Metabolomx’s breath sensor system the Cleveland Clinic has published two studies showing high accuracy detection of lung cancer from breath.

Respiratory Infection

Upper respiratory infection (URI) is the leading reason for physician office visits in the United States with more than 30,000,000 annually.  In the US each year there are more than 1 billion cases of URI of which more than 50 million are bacterial. Despite the overwhelming patient volume and much study, primary care physicians do not have an effective diagnosis means to determine if URI cases are viral or bacterial. This leads to overuse of antibiotics, longer and more severe illness and additional primary care and specialist office visits.  Metabolomx technology differentiates strains of bacteria based on their outgas of unique volatiles and has already been demonstrated > 90% effective at diagnosis of the presence of bacterial sinusitis.