Technology Overview
Colorimetric sensor array
Breath analysis instrument


Breath analysis instrument

The exam card containing the CSA is used inside the Metabolomx breath analysis instrument. The breath analysis instrument (BAI) captures a precise quantity of breath, in a specific portion of the breath cycle and controls the exposure of the CSA exam card to the captured breath at a precise flow rate and volume.  The specific portion of the breath cycle to be sampled depends on the condition to be diagnosed. For example, lung cancer biomarkers are best identified from the deep lung alveolar portion of breath and upper respiratory infections biomarkers are best identified from the early portion of an exhale.

The breath analysis instrument (BAI) is designed to be mounted on a medical mobile computing cart or on a desk top. The BAI has three major components, an analysis module, a computing platform with display and breath collection apparatus.

An exam is easily performed with a few clicks and minimum training. The breath exam is also easy on the patient taking only a few minutes. Many patients entertain themselves with reading or browsing the internet on a touch pad device.

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